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Ulkomusiikilliset: Get a Gig App


Hey! Today we are launching a project that allows YOU to help bring live music to the world – and get a great mobile app for your own career in live music at the same time.

Using the app, you will be able to share gig info and communicate about your gigs between band members through your phone. The app will also ensure that you always have updated gig info in your hand. It will work both on iPhone and Android smartphones.

We have 30 days to raise USD 50,000 towards developing the app. We hope to do it via crowd funding on – and that's where you come in. To get the project off the ground, we need to raise the full amount, so we need as many 'backers' as possible. Every 10 dollars count!

So, please check it out, get involved if you like - and please share this with your network. gig-an-app-for-musicians-and-djs


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